Getting Started Again

Today is Saturday, April 29, 2006.  It is breezy from the NE but totally sunny.  A good day to take a quick trip to check out all systems, including the new transmission, the re-packed packing gland, the new depth sounder, and the newly reinforced swim platform.

Pete powers down the Annisquam river to a Blynman bridge that is too close to the incoming tide.  We have to wait only a little while for an opening because the Cape Ann Marina is having an in-water boat show which causes the bridge to need to be opened for each new test driver.

We head over to Niles Beach's mooring ball and pull its slimey whip through our bow line.  No knots and easy release when the time comes.

Jim Castelli and I are tasked with trying to find two 2 pound weights that were lost last Sunday by Andrew.  He's back again for more ditching and donning with Pete and The Capt.  Tricia is in charge of turning off the switch to the engine when the buzzing sounds and she's masterful at it.  Pat's hammering and sawing in the city for a charity she's involved with.

Meatball soup hits the spot after 1/2 hour and 1000 pounds in the cold Atlantic.  Visibility wasn't bad at all – about 15 feet.  I saw:

  • sea star with its legs curled in scallops around itself
  • razor clam half out of the sand
  • naked decorator crab, which I brought up for Tricia to examine
  • moon snail egg cases (three)
  • skate egg cases, called Mermaid's Purses
  • empty quohog shells
  • bottles, both whole and shattered

It was a lot warmer in the water than it was at this time last year.

We never found the weights.

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