April 30, 2006 – by Peter Donahue

The word is out.  Easy Diver is back in the water.  We plan to have two students with us – one a beginner looking for a refresher course and one a PDIC instructor crossing over to NAUI (wise choice).

When I arrived at the boat, the two students were there and 1/2 dozen hanger-onners (regular customers).  So, somehow the boat was full and we headed off on our adventure.

A howling wind out of the north pushed us into Niles Beach where we made a day of it.  From a teaching standpoint, everyone did well.  Underwater, Chris saw:

  • crabs
  • sea grass with little perriwinkles on every blade
  • orange flopper stoppers cut loose from some sailboat last season
  • lots of rubbish
  • bright red encrusting sponge
  • crabs
  • more crabs
  • still a few more crabs

So we didn't observe a lot of underwater animals.  We were mostly interested in performing skills.

Laurent Dubois helped Paul and, after the trip, handed in his final paperwork to become the newest NAUI Instructor in New England.  He has been working with us over the winter and now is one of the family.  Welcome, Laurent!

NAUI Divers Photo of the troops by Trish.

The water was warm enough to be comfortable for Chris and Andrew as they swam around the perimeter.  Jim looked for the two pound weights again (but still didn't find them either).  Paul Ingersoll bailed out several times and successfully passed his cross over water work.

On a personal note, my little brother turned 50 years old today.  I'm not sure how old that makes me, but I'm sure it's more than that number.  And yesterday, my 16 year old nephew hit his first home run in a high school baseball game and, in fact, it was the winning run.  Congrats, Billy!

A good weekend.  See everybody next time.

 Peter, smiling. Pete, photo by Pete, using Trish's camera.

2 Responses to “April 30, 2006 – by Peter Donahue”

  1. Paul Comerford Says:

    ~~On a personal note, my little brother turned 50 years old today. ~~
    Hey Pete, how can your brother be older than Peg?

  2. Trace Malinowski Says:

    It’s interesting that you say crossing over to NAUI from PDIC is a wise choice. I know great NAUI instructors and poor NAUI instructors. I know great PDIC instructors and poor PDIC instructors. It’s the individual instructor that matters and not the agency. As a PDIC instructor trainer, I look to develop PDIC instructors for both PDIC recreational and technical programs who have backgrounds as GUE/DIR divers and as cave divers with NSS-CDS and NACD. In addition to all other professional qualities, the instructors I develop for PDIC understand streamlining and superior trim, buoyancy and propulsion skills in addition to all other diving and life experiences they bring to the sport. Since the Easy Diver has little respect for the agency that heavily supports Fred Calhoun’s materials, I’ll decline bringing my divers on your vessel.

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