Connecticut Folks + Some Old Timers

For our first, real charter of the season, we were happy to welcome Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Pat and Karen Hatcher, Bill Low and Laurent Dubois.  The two couples travel a long way to be with us and we are lucky they put up with our shenanigans.  Pat Walsh's suit leaked at the cuff so she didn't finish her dive at our first site – Kettle Island's Northwest corner.  It is dive site 67 in The Diver's Guide to Cape Ann

The second site was Graves Island, 42 degrees 34.272' North and 70 degrees 44.781' West, at the wreck of the USF New Hampshire.  It is dive site number 71 in The Diver's Guide to Cape Ann   Laurent found a big piece of copper sheathing from the wreck right under the anchored boat.

Pat and Laurent looking over the nails and wrinkled copper from Paul Revere's metal rolling shop.  It sheathed the USF New Hampshire to protect it from shipworms, teredo navalis.

The dive site is near a large black stripe on the island and a little hole that has worn clear through the rock.  The photos below show the eye of the grumpus and the black stripe near his neck.



Pete cooked chili and we got warm just by holding the cups of it.  What had started off as a warmish, 70 degree day deteriorated as the sun disappeared behind some cold clouds.

A fun time with nice people. 

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