Rain? What Rain?

It poured today.

The Captain, Chris and Pat took off to attend a seminar training recreational scuba divers on how to monitor Marine Introduced Species, also known as Hitchhikers. We're going to be looking for the "10 Most Wanted" from the boat this season and logging our finds with the Salem Sound Coastwatch folks.  We're also going to video customers and crew as we do it.

Andrew and John are leaving for their biannual Australia trip on Friday and wanted to brush up on skills.  Jim C. just wanted to dive.

All the fishing charter boats cancelled so we were the only ones who needed the Blynman Bridge open. He was so accommodating that we didn't even need to slow down as we approached – the bridge was already open – both ways.

We motored over to Niles and picked up the mooring right off the beach. There was about 8 feet of visibility and the water was 52.25 degrees F.

After completing their skills flawlessly, Andrew and John saw many round oysters. Some were 4" across and covered with barnacles. Jim wore The Capt's boots and they fit.

Some short lobsters were strolling about. They must have thought it was night because of how murky it was.

We saw:

  • a small sea perch
  • a 4" spider crab – with 8" legs – that makes him 20" across
  • the usual assortment of sand, mud, grass, bottles, and trash

At the end of the dive, the Zodiac inflatable had 2" of water in it from the rain.

We cooked up the two cans of corn chowder that had been rattlin' around the kitchen. It went down well.

Until tomorrow…


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