Still Raining

It's not supposed to get sunny again until a week from next Tuesday (according to The Weather Channel).  Felt cold and raw with the air temp at 50 degrees and the water just a little bit warmer.  Off to Niles during a very full incoming tide.

Andrew and John finished their skills refresher session in the driving rain.  Doffing tanks on the surface and at the bottom and then putting them back on again were the tasks for today.

Chris took a camera in to try to find the non-native oysters mentioned during the seminar yesterday, even though the visibility was about 1 foot.   There were several isolated specimens below the mooring at Niles where we tied up.  We'll see if some frame grabs from the video are validated by Barbara as being the correct specimen.

Chris saw:

  • a BIG moon snail with a mantle extended front to back
  • several candidates for the non-native oyster
  • a big scallop (maybe)
  • several teeny, tiny flounders
  • a clam the size of a fist, sitting on the surface of the rocky sand

Chicken noodle soup served as hand warmer and belly warmer combined.  Standing in the cabin, slurping soup, you could see your breath if you exhaled strongly.  We steamed up the windows with chicken broth breath. 

We are back in our regular slip at the Cape Ann Marina and all geared up for the season.

So far, so good.


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