Fisherman’s Canyon and The Restaurant at Folly Cove

We traveled north again to avoid the west wind.  It was lots warmer than yesterday and the wind was considerably calmer.  We decided Fisherman's Canyon, near Cathedral Rocks in Rockport, would be a good anchorage.  We were right.  It's located at 42 degrees 40.760 minutes North and 70 degrees 37.288 minutes West. It's number 19 in The Diver's Guide to Cape Ann.

Pete describes the bottom as flattening out to a 10 degree down slope at about 40 feet.  He and Jim Castelli descended through 6-8 feet of brownish ocean that was 50 degrees into clearer water at 50 feet that was only 44 degrees.  There were a fair number of lobsters roaming about, including one egg-bearing female.  Wonder how long they hold onto their eggs.

They came across a male lumpfish, bright pink, guarding his nest diligently.  They also saw a Northern Red Anemone in about 30 feet.  That's the animal on the cover of Andy Martinez' book, "Marine Life of the North Atlantic."

Chris saw clumps of Didemnum sp., one of the Top 10 Most Wanted of the Salem Sound Coastwatch folk.  She even saw a decorator crab covered with the stuff.  Because they are cute and easy to work with, she shot video of it moving about:–LgA

She also saw some Orange Sheath Tunicate smothering a small shell.

We powered back around Halibut Point to the Restaurant at Folly Cove for the second dive.

Pete said the brown muddy layer was deeper here, extending from the surface down 16-17 feet.  Again the surface water was warm.  He went to 40 feet where there was about 20 feet of visibility.  He saw dark, winter flounder and skates and freed a dark green sculpin from a ghost trap.  The bottom was littered with ghost traps and all of their tops were open and bent so that you don't have to lift them if you're a fish.  He felt lobster can walk through a dorway that was closed but not locked, but a fish can't.

Chris saw another decorator crab covered with Didemnum and a scarlet psolusActually, it was a crevasse with many specimens, each about the size of a dime.

Laurent Dubois and Jim's friend, Trisha, were also with us.

Everyone agreed that Pete's chili hit the spot.

Let's hope next weekend is warmer because it's going to be Memorial Day.  We need some HEAT!

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