Finagling the Fog

It was foggy south, so we decided to go up the Annisquam River to the north.  The weather was hot as we put-putted up the river, but as we passed Wheeler's Point, the airless day turned cool.  There was a slight breeze off the ocean in front of us and it was pushing a fog bank into the mouth of the river.  It was thick fog, not just streamers.  We picked up a mooring near the Annisquam Lighthouse to wait it out.  Kathy Cardinale predicted 20 minutes – I thought more like two hours but didn't say anything.

A newbie, John, was with Pete.  They decided to get him suited up and to test his weights while we waited for the fog to lift.  The incoming current from the tide, our nearness to the channel, and the coming and going of the fog made us decide not to try to dive.  No one wanted to get lost or run over and they were cool with waiting it out.

After about 20 minutes, the shore became visibile, so Kathy was right.  Then it closed  up again, even thicker than before.  We decided to motor back down the river and go into the harbor hoping for a retreating fog bank down there.

As we made our way down the river again, everyone found a comfortable spot to lounge and enjoy the sun.  Sure enough, as we powered through the Blynman Cut on a very high tide at 11:30 AM, we found a little better visibility, but a gentle breeze from the south was blowing the fog into our faces again. 

We decided to try our luck over at the Moonie's Castle in about 20' of water.  Jessie and Jarrod were quickly into their gear.  Jarrod's friend, Mike, was buddied up with Laurent.  Pete and John were working on John's basics.  He did great.  They stayed near the boat because we weren't sure what the fog bank was going to do.  It proceeded to clear out almost completely.

Jarrod got two lobsters and declared the water to be "warm."  Laurent described the visibility as "ugly."  Jessie tried out her new camera.

Everyone was up for a second dive, so we went over the Wreck of the Storer, near Freshwater Cove.  This time the water was only 45 degrees, but it was clearer.  The breeze kept the fog away and the sun baked us.  It'd gone from cold to hot without any warm in between.  So much for Spring in Gloucester.

Noodle soup was a hit, but so was the cold Diet Coke.

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