The Most Perfect Weather Yet

We saw the weather report, but couldn't believe it.  75 degrees in Gloucester?  WooHoo!  Elizabeth Calhoun and her husband, Mike, joined regulars Laurent, Jim and Trish, and student John for a trip south to the wreck of the USF New Hampshire for starters.  The water was mucky and visibility was horrible.  Nevertheless, Pete and John worked on skills while Pat and Fred and I went in to shoot and/or catch lobsters.  Pat got one.  My sleeve seal tore and I got a cold, wet arm out of it.

Pete, Charley and Fred Calhoun with old tank.jpg

The second dive was at Kettle Island's west edge.  This is dive site number 67 in The Diver's Guide to Cape Ann.  I wasn't going in and had just settled into that decision when Kathy Cardinale and Trish noticed a sea gull caught in a tree on the island.  I'd noticed the bird's body, but thought it was dead.  Trish, Kathy and I manned the inflatable with boat hook, gloves, scissors, and a mallet to break the limb and free the bird.  Trish was the lead on the rescue and cut through the branch holding the bird by its wing.  I carried the branch she broke/cut off the tree over to nearby rocks while avoiding the eggs in nests all around us.  They were army green with black spots and were sometimes three to a nest.  Our efforts were cheered by seeing the bird sitting calmly as we left it there.

We didn't see any blood on its twisted wing and hoped it was just stunned from hanging upside down for a while.  The trip back to the boat was quick and we were proud of ourselves.

Warm up was chicken noodle soup with a "hidden surprise" of a cherry tomato.  Good eats.

One Response to “The Most Perfect Weather Yet”

  1. liz Says:

    was a great day!

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