It Rained Some More (and Blew Too)

We canceled the Saturday trip amid a downpour.

Sunday was a little clearer, but it was drizzling and blowing 20 to 30 knots from the North.  All the big Yankee Fleet boats were still at their docks.  We decided to just go into the harbor for one dive.  The tide was going out.  We tried the emerging rocks at Stage Fort Park, but decided it looked better across at Niles.  We parked at the rocks off the west side of the beach – Niles Beach Rocks.

Joe Finkhouse, Laurent Dubois, Jim Castelli, John Bulman, Peter Donahue, Pat Walsh, The Captain and I were aboard.  John and Peter went for his final dive before being certified as a NAUI Scuba Diver.  Joe tried out his new steel tanks and his new mask.  Laurent and Jim, Pat and I stayed dry-ish by not diving.  We opened the big box covering the engine and proped it that way with a 10 lb weight.  The heat from it permeated the cabin area and steamed up the windows.

Peter said they went through skills again and John did great with his new equipment.  He'd gone ahead and bought the whole shebang, having had so much fun with us to date in rental gear.  They saw:

  • lots a little lobsters under kelp fronds,
  • many big spider crabs (a three inch wide body and eight inch wide legs),
  • several skates,
  • a maroon sea raven and
  • a grubby (1 inch long)

John caught his first legal lobster all on his own. 

Pete cooked us a warm up lunch.  Why do they call it chili when it's hot?  It was good and hit the spot.

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