Guess What! It’s Raining and Bumpy!

It's been raining and blowing since Wednesday.  Sometimes it's been pouring, others it's only been a shower.  We called everyone to say the charter was iffy.  They could pick another day or come up and take their chances with the weather.

We had some good guys from Connecticut (Linsley, Kevin, Pat and Karen) who were up for a tentative trip north, up the Annisquam.  It was drizzling, foggy, and breezy from the north west by the time we got there.  No calm anchorage.  No chance of  good visibility.  We didn't even anchor.  Just powered back down the river sipping hot soup and congratulating ourselves on making a prudent decision.  If it's not fun, don't do it!

Keep your fingers crossed (and your umbrella handy) for tomorrow.

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