This Old House Cove

We called off the charter but the people showed up anyway.  Rain and wind were predicted, but only the wind happened.  It was blowing 15-20 knots from the WNW.  We tried to make it over to Bemo Ledge, but the waves were increasing as we rounded Dog Bar breakwater.  Cathy and Bill Myers, Jim Castelli and a new guy, Richard, were OK with diving someplace closer.  We chose the site of the old Coast Guard station – Old House Cove – just inside the harbor's western edge.

Pete said, "We sailed down to 30' with visibility about 15'."  The tide was just cresting high.

Jim said the water temp was 48 degrees.  Richard and Pete saw about 8-10 small lobsters and caught a few good sized ones.  Pat said she saw a small lobster that had just shed its shell.  She touched it to confirm that it was still soft.  The amazing image that she wished she'd videoed was that of the lobster EATING its own discarded shell.

Fred said he'd videoed kelp holdfasts, but Pete noted there was less kelp present this year than he'd seen in last year's dives to the same spot.

No soup.  One and done.

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