It's HOT!  It's Sunday – Father's Day.

Upper 80s in the air, 55 degrees in the water.  I think the red tide is responsible for helping to heat up the surface water.

We had Joe Finkhouse, Laurent Dubois, Jim Castelli and Trish, as well as Phil Osley, NAUI 1875, from The Sunken Ship on Nantucket.  He's becoming an Instructor Trainer and wanted to get some dives in too.  He looks just as he did 30 years ago when he was in our movie, "The Wall."  It'll be great to have him generating NAUI Instructors on Nantucket.  They won't have to travel to the mainland in order to get certified.

We made our first dive off Bass Rocks on the Back Shore.  The bottom was sandy.  Pete said it looked like The Plains of Abraham.   He saw several summer flounders and one winter flounder perfectly outlined in the sand.

The divers had to swim a fair piece to get to any rocks with lobsters.  Nevertheless, they had success.  The Captain and Phil Osley videoed a large boulder's wall of Didemnum sp. and it was wafting in the surge on its lower edge.  It wasn't attached at all there.  The breeze picked up to the point that we decided our second dive should be on flatter water.

We motored up to Thacher Island again in the hopes of seeing seals.  We were lucky again.  Three big ones were basking on the rocks at the very northeastern point of the island.  We even saw a pup that never moved from the rock it was on.  The bottom here has lots of big rocks and deep notches.  Lots of Didemnum sp. and even a variant that looks greenish next to the creamy version of the tunicate.

Pete caught a bagful of lobsters and so did Laurent.  The rest of us were sightseeing and hoping the seals would visit us underwater.  They didn't.  They stayed close to the pup and popped up between the boat and the shore often. 

Both Pete and Laurent saw ocean pouts.  In case you don't know what that is, it has a big head and an eel-like tail.  No snaggly teeth, just UGLY. 

Ocean Pout

I buddied with Phil Osley for the first time in 30 years.  He was an attentive partner for the dive.  He even found a small mushroom anchor that we will use for our downline or for deploying a dive flag.  We'll call it the Phil Osley Memorial Mushroom Anchor for a while, at least.

No soup.  Too HOT!

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