Sun, Glorious Sun

O.K.  It's Saturday.  We FINALLY got a weekend with decent weather.  No wind to speak of was predicted and temps in the 80s.  Our trip around the cape showed practically everywhere was diveable, so we picked the easy way.  South through the Blynman Cut bridge and then north up along the east side of Cape Ann.  Long slow rollers were landing at Bemo Ledge and along Salt Island, so we continued to Thacher Island.  It was a good choice.

The tide was low at about 10:30 AM, so when we anchored between the boat ramp and the Dead Light, we saw a little bit of current from the incoming water.  It was in opposition to the little bit of breeze so the boat split the difference and lay perpendicular to the island.  Laurent Dubois, Al and Larry joined Kathy Cardinale (crew), Pete, Pat, The Captain, and I.

There was still a reddish-brown haze from the Red Tide in the first 15 feet of ocean.  Below that, the incoming tide had the water in the high 40s.  On top, it was in the low 50s. 

Kathy saw seals from the bow as we anchored, but they were far off on the northeast tip of the island.  What a surprise to have them visit Al and Larry underwater for a quick buzz-by.  Laurent saw one too, but it was on the surface.

Pete saw lumpfish and so did Laurent.  He was surprised to see one perched on its tail, but not attached to a rock.  We'd never seen that either.

There was lots of "pancake batter" tunicate everywhere.  I found a decorator crab with the beginnings of it all over its body.  I think he was planning on blending into the background with his cream-colored duds.

The second dive was at the tip of Gully Cove next to the opening for Straitsmouth Island.  I anchored us right over a wreck site for an unknown boat, but it's been there for many years.  I swam up into the notches in the land and saw walls full of the tunicate we've been reporting to Salem Sound Coastwatch as Didemnum sp.  I saw tendrils of new buds hanging in the swaying tide and videoed them for Barbara Warren's review.  Lots of lobsters.

Pete said he saw lots of soft lobsters among the legal ones.  He witnessed some eating their soft brethren.

The trip concluded by a circumnavigation of the whole Cape and a retun to the marina by the Annisquam River. 

No soup.  It's too HOT!

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