A Foggy Kettle

The rain has started again.  It's supposed to go on for five days or so – again.  We'd called two customers to warn them about the trip being in the rain and they decided to take another day.  The four who showed up were OK with diving in the pouring rain.  Two – Martin and Katherine – were from Quebec and two – Larry and Al – were game to go wherever. 

We'd driven around the Cape to find the best dive site at the crack of dawn and chosen a trip south.  However, once we were under way and rounded the Dog Bar Breakwater, we found a fog bank obscuring Mother Ann Rock and beyond towards Brace Cove.  We couldn't see into it at all and decided to change course for Kettle Island, off Magnolia.

That was smart because the water between Kettle and Coolidge Point was f-l-a-t.  We anchored at about high tide – 10:45 AM.  Pete, Pat, The Captain and the four customers hit the water quickly because the mist and rain was cool, once you were dressed.  Pat had ear problems, but caught a lobster anyway.  The Captain's new seals on his DUI dry suit leaked terribly.  It's going back to the repair lady on Monday.

Pete said the visibility was about 30 feet.  He took the Canadian couple on a tour of the site. They watched crabs eating a cod head and caught several lobsters.  So did Larry and Al.

As we started back towards Gloucester Harbor to find our second dive site, the fog bank shifted and obscured our path.  Using our GPS and its track of previous trips home, Pat guided me in white-out conditions.  We decided none of the possible sites looked safe to dive with the fog bank coming and going as it was.  The divers were fine with that.  No one wanted to be lost in a fog bank and out of sight of the boat.

We creeped back along the shoreline and the rain started again.  Pete kept an eye out for the shoreline and the buoys marking the harbor.

The Gloucester Fiesta is in full swing, but I think they're having a scaled back celebration because of the weather.  The Canadian couple did fine and we guided them on land to Back Beach, via Cape Ann Divers so they could get air fills and still make a second dive. 

Back Beach looked still and calm with several classes in waist deep water.  We reminded them to use their float and flag and agreed to see them tomorrow at 9:30 AM.

Not a very fun way to start the weekend.

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