Oh, What a BeeYooTeeFull Morning!

Forecast is for clear, warm weather with light winds.  We go south, through the Blynman Bridge, and hook a left at the Dog Bar Breakwater.  Low, slow rollers and not much else greets us.  No fog.  The trip up the coast of the Cape is cool and wonderfully refreshing compared to the heat of the marina.

The first dive site that looks good enough is Gully Point.  The west wind allows us to anchor facing the east wall of the point.  Our stern is in 47 feet and the tide is low.  Six customers splash as soon as possible because the sun is beating down on their black suits.  Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Bob Britton, Bill Low, Linda Giles and Myanna are off up and into Gap Cove.  Linda and Myanna are lobster hunting. 

Pete, Pat and Kathy Cardinale are the crew for today.  They’re all off in a flash too.  This is Kathy’s first dive in a while and she’s svelte in her wetsuit.  Pete said they saw lots of skates, little lobsters, and sea ravens.  Kevin and Linsley said they saw a yellow one.

The water was colder than it has been.  Pete said it was 52 on the bottom and 55 on the surface.  He said all the evidence of red tide has gone.  He noticed a thermocline  and its attendant swirling eddys at about 20 feet.

Our second dive was just across Sandy Bay at a site between Granite Pier and Pigeon Cove.  It was 42 degrees 40.196′ north and 70 degrees 37.203′ west.  I anchored in 28 feet of water and the boat swung to where it read 35 feet under the keel. 

I used the heavy black-coated steel tank and it was very helpful for videoing.  It kept me bolted to the bottom when I wanted to be rock steady.

I saw some orange sheath tunicates and so did The Captain.  Not many.  Every hard surface was coated with new growth sea weed in a common color – maroon.  Puff balls of new sea weed were deep red and fuzzy looking.  Older stands were purpley-red colored.  How many variations of deep brownish, reddish purple can you think of?  They were all there.

Again, the water was cold.  The divers were happy to be shallower on this dive.  Pete saw a large school of pollack.  All the hunters caught lobsters.  The sightseers saw critters and had fun too.

Nice people.  Nice time.

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