A Little Bit of This – A Little Bit of That

“It was supposed to be 90 degrees today,” Janine reminded me.  She took Al’s place on the charter and mentioned this as we were both getting soaked by the rain on the bow.  It was the first dive site at Hoop Pole Cove and we were watching for bubbles.  Larry, Bill Low, Bill and Cathy Myers and their friend, Adam, were all in the 48 degree water already.  The wind was brisk and pushed cat’s paws and dark patches across the cove from the southwest.

The Captain, Veronica Atlantis, Pete and Pat were also underwater.  The depth was about 30 feet and the tide was low.  Fred and Veronica found Lobzilla, a huge lobster, that was too big to take by about 1/4 inch, according to Pat.  He went back into the drink quickly.

Pat said she saw a Northern Red Anemone that had red and white spiral stripes down its tendrils.  Pete saw lots of kelp stalks where the frond had been broken off.  Veronica reported that she saw the star tunicate we’ve been tracking for Salem Sound Coastwatch as well as Didemnum in large amounts.

Looking for calm water, we moved further around Emerson Point towards Rockport Harbor for the second dive.  I picked Fisherman’s Canyon.  It is 42 degrees 40.768′ north and 70 degrees 37.252′ west.  I used my 1/2 tank from yesterday because it is so good for videoing.  I taped a large, yellow- stalked tunicate that retracted when I touched it gently.

The wind died during the dive, so the trip home down the western shore of the Cape was lots calmer than it was yesterday.  Janine rode on the bow the whole way home.

It got very hot in the parking lot as we were hauling equipment up the ramp.  90 degrees for sure.

We finished the day with strawberry shortcake at The Gull Restaurant.

We had a little bit of everything today.

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