It Was a 4 J Day

We have Jared, Jesse, Jim, and Jacki as divers, with Trisha as anchor-puller and “We Ah Hee Ah!” Announcer.  The plan was to get enough lobsters for Pete’s cookout.  To that end, we anchored off the cemetery at Lanesville Shores North.  It equates to dive site 08 in the Diver’s Guide to Cape Ann.  It was 42 degrees 41.260′ north and 70 degrees 38.962′ west.

The water was cold at 35 feet according to Pat.  Pete found a three foot long spiny dog fish, a. k. a. shark.  Jared took pictures of a lobster that was too big:

 Jared's Too Big LobsterPhoto by Jared Salk

There were plenty of lobsters. 

 Jared and Jesse also saw a skate and took its picture:

Jared's SkatePhoto by Jared Salk

The second site was the restaurant at Folly Cove.   We anchored in about 35 feet and the bottom was cold.  I drifted to about 45 feet looking for video-able critters.  Saw a pretty big sea bass under a ledge, but couldn’t film him because there was too much shadow.  He was dark with black and grey and silver scales.

There were scarlet psolus that had already retracted and a long string of sea peaches on the edge of a rock.  The water wasn’t as clear as it had been on the south side of the cape yesterday.  I’d guess it was about 15 feet of visibility. 

Or, as Pete jokes, “It was 30 feet of visibility…15 feet to the left and 15 feet to the right.”

Everyone chowed down on cold cut sandwiches on the trip back down the river to home.

Off to Pete’s July 4th cookout.

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