The Customers are Revolting!

We had a super first dive at the Dead Light at Thacher Island.  The water was 50 degrees on the bottom.  Visibility was 43 feet, according to Pete.  We were anchored in about 35 feet of water, but the wind and current managed to move us out over deeper water later.

Richard Brandolini brought a CD with the photos and movies he took last week.  Here’s the video of Pete and the ocean pout who just wants to get away.  Richard also got some stills of the same fish:

Pete said he could see all the way through the fish’s gills to the outside by looking into its maw.

Veronica Atlantis was crew today.  She and Richard saw a crowd of pollack up in the shallows.  Everyone saw too-big-to-take lobsters just marching along on the bottom, not trying to hide.

Steve Gates, Cathy and Bill Myers, Jim Castelli, Laurent Dubois, and Richard Brandolini decided where we’d make the second dive.  They were not about to be trifled with.  We listened and stayed right where we were. 

That was a lucky decision because we had a visit by a baby seal as we finished.  It circled the stern of the boat and sidled up to the gray inflatable.  It cavorted behind the boat, looking up at us and seemed to be curious.  Later we saw it hauled out onto a rock directly on shore from where we were anchored.  It arched its little body to keep its tail from being in the water.  Cute little guy with BIG black eyes.

Both Cathy and Richard had cameras along.  Can’t wait to see what they shot. 

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