Not Really Hazy, Hot, or Humid

Two new customers, Tom and Herb, had never dived Thacher Island and wanted to try it. Laurent and Larry had no problem with going there. Everyone was intent on finding lobsters.  Kathy Cardinale joined us as crew.

We anchored in about 30 feet of water near the Dead Light.  Off in the distance toward the northeast, we saw a seal’s head.  This time it was one of the adults.

I found more of the orange sheath tunicates as well as star tunicates.  I also found a decorator crab who was draped in deep red filmy sea weed.  It looked like a lady who was going to a formal.  Its white front legs and claws had the look of long, elbow-length opera gloves in silvery satin.  I videoed it and noticed a little, white barnicle above its right eye.  The feathery tentacles of the barnicle were sweeping the whole time I was filming.  Think the reverse of an old-fashioned black beauty spot.  Quite a drama queen of a decorator crab.

Pete said he saw 11 dog fish out deeper.  Larry saw a few or them too.  Wish I had.

The Captain called for calmer water for the second dive.  We went looking for something “in the lee.”  It was mid-tide, so we were careful to find a place that didn’t have a roaring current.

Finally found it off Halibut Point.  I anchored in 22 feet of water between Folly Cove and Halibut Point’s huge pile of broken granite blocks.  We made a dive to search for more video subjects for Salem Sound Coastwatch’s 10 Most Wanted list of non-native species.  I found orange sheath tunicate in three different shades of orange, deep red, and burnt umber. 

The two new guys found lobsters and seemed to enjoy themselves. 

We ended the day by continuing around the cape and then down the Annisquam to the marina.  The pleasure boat anchorage across from Lobster Cove was packed with every type of craft from kayaks to huge sail boats.  Dirt’s Dogs was doing a great business, having negotiated with the other catamaran on site to only sell drinks, not hot dogs.

In contrast, we chowed down on Kathy’s organic cherries and bologna sandwiches.

The day ended breezily and left us looking foward to tomorrow’s version of H,H, and H.

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