Kettle Island, Squared

It was a windless and steamy Sunday.  Lisa was aboard to have her first scuba experience.  Jon with No H, Laurent, and Joe Finkhouse were on a lobster hunt.  Pete, Pat, Veronica, and I joined The Captain as crew.

We had already decided to take Lisa to the shallow beach on Kettle Island for starters.  When we got there, the rowing to shore was back and forth several times with the gear for her and the other women.  That left the guys on their own.

They chose the site on the southwest corner of the island and stayed there for both dives.  Pete said the water was clear enough and warm enough.  Jon said the bottom was probably 45 degrees. 

Pete found a large, but legal-sized, lobster with a notched tail, with no eggs, and with a purple band on its claw, up by the joint.  The band said MA 04 on one side and 6224 on the other.  He left it alone.  Maybe it was the kind of marker that a marine science group would have used to label the animal as part of some kind of study.  We’ll look into what that might be.

We thought the ocean’s surface was about 52 degrees back on the beach.  Lisa was a good sport and could do a mean surface dive before she even met us.  All geared up, she was comfortable diving with a 50 cubic foot tank for her first experience.  She logged her dive with a notation that she saw a little lobster waving its claws at her as well as a hermit crab.  Beats seeing the littered bottom of a pool as your first dive.

When they rounded the corner of the island to pick us up again, the guys were quietly proud to have done very well in the lobstering department.  We were starving and waded through Veronica’s snacks.  Thanks for bringing ’em, V!

Pete powered us back to the marina as the tide rose. 

Some of us stayed to suffer through strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream, or Greek salads at The Gull.

Good weekend.

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