MADMF Responds to My Inquiry


The band that you reported is a lobster trap tag. It is commonplace for commercial lobstermen out of curiosity to tag a lobster with an old trap tag just to see where the lobsters move. This particular lobster is not part on any study we are conducting.

I did however want to let you know that MADMF does have some ongoing lobster tagging studies both in Massachusetts Bay and Buzzards Bay. Please see the attached notice. Feel free to distribute to any of your fellow divers.Robert Glenn

Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist

Marine Fisheries

50a Portside Drive

Pocasset, MA 02559

(508) 563 – 1779 x 113

—–Original Message—–

From: Christensen, Cecile A. [mailto:CACHRISTENSEN@PARTNERS.ORG]

Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 12:43 PM

To: Glenn, Robert (FWE)

Subject: Lobster with Purple Band

Hi, Robert…

I am crew on the scuba charter boat, Easy Diver, out of Gloucester, MA.  I found your name on the Personnel and Assigned Species list on the  Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries website. I’m hoping you can point me  in the correct direction.

Last Sunday, while diving off the southwest corner of Kettle Island in Manchester, MA, a fellow crew member, Peter Donahue, found a lobster with an unusual band on its claw. It was a large, but legal-sized, lobster with a notched tail, with no eggs, and with a purple band on its claw, up by the joint. The band said MA 04 on one side and 6224 on the other. He left it alone.

We thought it might be part of some scientific study and wanted to report its whereabouts to the study sponsor. Can you tell who that is?


Cecile Christensen

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