From Hazy and Humid to Cool and Rainy

Tropical Storm Beryl breezed by with nary a ripple. The ocean was flatter than flat. The only problem was the fog. We watched the rowers return to Dun Fudgin ramp as the Blackburn Challenge row around Cape Ann race was canceled.  We putted up the river, northward, anyway.

As we entered Essex Bay, the fog seemed to be coming and going.  We saw several dive boats anchored at Hodgkins Cove, so we continued closer to Plum Cove beach.  The area that looked best to us was just at the base of the large estate on the southern edge of the cove.  We know from our crew member, Kathy Cardinale, that it is owned by the CEO of New Balance, Jim Davis.

We had Alex and Pam, Bill Low, and Brian, a new diver.  Pete took him on a guided tour of the place.  Bill reported he saw lots of cunner and that the surface was 62 degrees, while it was 58 degrees at about 30 feet.

The Captain videoed and I rowed around in the Zodiac to keep a dive flag over whoever was the furthest from the boat.  The fog bank was moving offshore, but I didn’t want to take a chance.  Plus, it’s good exercise.

Pam made sandwiches and Pat Walsh passed one to me in the boat.  Ambrosia!

By the second dive, we had decided to stay where we were.  This time Bill said it was 62 degrees on both the surface and on the bottom where it was a little shallower near shore.  He saw lots of baby lobsters and skates.  Visibility was about 15 feet.

The rain held off until we were 1/2 way home.  Then it poured.  As we neared the marina, the chilly wind from the south made it even cooler as we docked.  Then everything stopped as we unloaded.  Thank goodness.

Oh well, it could have been much worse if Beryl had been closer and slower.

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