We had a full charter today.  It was also beastly hot.  The trip north under the Blynman Bridge and out the mouth of the harbor was cool and smooth.  We anchored at the dead light on Thacher Island after deciding that conditions at Bemo Ledge weren’t good enough.  Cathy and Bill Myers, John Desmond, Paul B., Richard Brandolini, and Larry were the customers, even though John won his trip.  Laurent, Pete, Pat, and Kathy Cardinale helped us out as crew. 

Pete, Fred and John found a very lethargic sea raven who was just too tired to move as he was videoed.  The results should be very interesting because he was in the foreground and the diver was in the background.   Pete found a posse of pollack up in the shallows.  The water was about 48 on the bottom at 35 feet.

Everyone did fine at the first dive site, but the breeze freshened and we decided to try to find someplace just a little better.

The Captain said that it would be Gully Point in Rockport, so that’s where we anchored for the second dive.  I was steaming, so on with the bathing suit and off the boat for a quick plunge.  Sheesh!  It’s COLD!  Cathy said there were sea stars all over the bottom.

The divers said the visibility was about 10-15 feet, and the water was just a little warmer in Gully Cove.  Two blond little boys swam out to us from a house on shore on Marmion Way.  They were from England, “south of London” and were spending six weeks in the house.  After resting a little while on our swim platform, they proceeded out to touch a blue and white lobster buoy and then turned around to swim back in.

We kept on going around the cape as we headed for home.  Hot and breezy until we hit the Annisquam River, then it was just HOT!

The tide was in as we docked, so the trip up the ramp was easy to make. 

Good day.  Good divers.

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