Breezy and Warm

Today was MUCH better than yesterday.  The humidity is down and the air seems fresher.  We had Paul B., Lisa and Donna R., and Jacqui R. as customers.  Pete and Pat were crew.

The breeze from the north said, “Go south.”  We putt-putted out under the Blynman Bridge at lowish tide and saw Don Dunsky waving hello from the landing above us. 

The dive site on Kettle Island was already occupied, so we anchored over on the mainland near Saddle Rock, just off the southern bluff of the Ocean Lawn of Coolidge Reservation.  The site is a sandy bottom rising to boulders and rocks along the coast.  Visibility was about 10-15 feet.  There were dozens of moon snail collars, little dusty lobsters, bulldozing crabs, marauding moon snails, and razor clam remains out on the sand under the boat.  The flounder were skittish, but the rays were oblivious.  Maybe they’ve become accustomed to divers.

Pete and Jacqui went over to the swim through behind Saddle Rock, but it was still a little too shallow for the best effect.  The southwest corner of the rock was better for scenic vistas.  The Captain and I were under the boat, videoing anything that moved.

The second dive was down the coast a little further, behind Graves Island, at the Wreck of the New Hampshire.  We wanted calmer water and we found it there.  Visibility was about 15 feet.  It seemed warmer here and I saw small striped bass up in the shallows, next to the island.  I also saw several of the 10 Most Wanted from Salem Sound Coastwatch’s list:

  • Star tunicate
  • Orange sheath tunicate
  • Green fleece

The divers explored the wreckage, marveled at the shiny, coppery spikes still embedded in it, and recovered souvenirs of crumpled copper sheathing and tiny finish nails. 

We all had fun and the day’s perfect weather added to it.

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