Newbies are Fun

Especially when they’re Linda and Myanna’s niece, Maren, from Vermont.  She’s almost 15 and wanted to try scuba.  She fits into Linda’s old wetsuit and we found a pair of Force Fins that were perfect.  Peter’s little aluminum 50 tanks, a simple harness, and 25 pounds of lead on a flip flop buckled belt completed the picture.  Imagine a fresh-faced youngster just starting in this sport that we love.  Oops, sorry, Pete, this activity we love.  What fun to have her be a natural in the water and a good kid to boot.  She got teased by You Know Who and gave it back, in spades. 

We got started on the little beach at Kettle Island.  Veronica was the go-to gal for the examples and Maren’s in water practice efforts, while Pat and I were the standing-in-waist-deep-water types who were adjusting her harness, helping find her lost fin, rearranging the weight belt, and cheering her on.  We were also the inflatable boat’s crew which involved heavy lifting and backwards rowing.

The rest of the customers were Bill Low, Jim Castelli, Linda and Myanna.  They were diving at the deep wall at Kettle Island and looking for Guess What.  Maren did so well in the shallow water of the beach that we decided to try the swim along the island’s northern shoreline back to where the others were diving.  Veronica and she were swimming on or near the surface for a good quarter mile.  Maren made down it to 19 feet and was able to clear her ears.  She and Veronica saw a flounder, a striper and two lobsters that were too small to keep.  She said she had a blast and wanted another tank, a very good sign.

Our second dive site was behind Graves Island near the Wreck of the New Hampshire.  Maren, Linda, Myanna, Veronica, and Pete went for a swim up along the rocky shore.  Maren was able to use the down line to clear her ears perfectly.  This time she saw a moon snail and held a flounder in her gloved hand.  Bill Low said he never got into water below 60 degrees at either site, even though he was at 35 feet and then about 20 feet.   Bill took his camera in to try its video and photo capabilities in the very clear water.  He thought it was about 20 foot visibility.

Maren got a chance to gauge lobsters that the customers found once they were onboard and ready to be re-tested.  She also got to band them, even a huge one that was just short enough to be legal, that Myanna and Linda caught at the second site.

We all had a wonderful time today. 

It’s exactly why we love doing what we do.

5 Responses to “Newbies are Fun”

  1. Bill Low Says:

    Here is a video as a lobster scurries about.

  2. easydiverchris Says:

    Thanks, Bill. I’ve embedded a link in the trip report to point to this.

  3. V Atlantis Says:

    hi chris,
    My sister checked out your website and LOVED it. She checked out the photos and saw her “boyfriend” Pete. HA!
    She gets homesick so this website brings her home:-)

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