The Eastern Side of Two Islands

It’s breezy from the northwest, with a super low tide as we load up.  Kevin and Linsley Mordasky, Pat and Karen Hatcher with Bethany and Bob Brousseau are the customers.  Pat and Pete are crew.  The Captain and I had breakfast overlooking Gray Beach in Magnolia where we decided to go south because it looked so good.

The first anchorage was in the lee of the wind.  It was on the southeast corner of Graves Island, in about 30 feet of water.  Linsley and Kevin said the surface water was 68 degrees.  Peter said it was 58 on the bottom with the tide rushing in.  There was a school of pollack and lots of little lobsters.  The visibility was about 10 feet.

We met Arnie and Glen who were anchored closer to the Wreck of the New Hampshire on Arnie’s boat, Rapture of the Deep.

The second spot was on the eastern edge of Kettle Island, in about 25 feet.  It was warm and had lots of boulders and crevasses, but much kelp too.  Visibility was again about 10 feet.  We saw a school of feeding fish from the surface as we anchored.  Underwater, we identified them as pollack.

Both places had members of the Salem Sound Coastwatch’s Top 10 Most Wanted:

  • Orange sheath tunicate
  • Compound sea squirt
  • Star tunicate
  • Green fleece alga

The lobstering was good here. 

We had lots of laughs and a hamburger at The Gull to top it off.

 A fine day.

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