Rafe’s Chasm and Near Norman’s Woe

Another bee-yoo-tee-full day in Glawsta – high 70s, lots of sun, and a breeze from the northwest.  We decide to go south and glide under the Blynman Bridge with a super low tide.  The trip includes two non-divers: Trisha and Cat.  They are with Jim Castelli and Laurent Dubois, respectively.  Also with us are Bill Low and Joe Finkhouse.  Crew is Veronica Atlantis, Pat and Pete.

The first site is about 25 feet deep, right off the mouth of Rafe’s Chasm.  The water is 68 degrees on the surface and 62 degrees at the bottom.  Visibility is about 10 feet.  There were lots of lobsters to be caught for a family gathering at Cat’s parents’ house in New Hampshire.  The hunters did well.  We saw a few pollack, skates, and some little lobsters, as well as some big females with eggs.  Big boulders covered with weedy growth were everywhere.  Many housed members of the Salem Sound Coastwatch’s Top Ten Most Wanted, including:

  • Orange sheath tunicate
  • Green fleece alga
  • Star tunicate
  • Compound sea squirt

The second site was just around the corner on the way back towards Norman’s Woe rock.  We moved because the wind had shifted more westerly and we were being bounced.  The two non-divers didn’t need to suffer that and we wanted to see somewhere different anyway.  I don’t remember ever having anchored here before.  We were right below a mansion’s pool that had a stone wall surrounding it with a stone pool house and a statue of a woman with her hands up behind her head.

The water was still in the upper sixties on the surface, with the bottom about 60 degrees.  It was a tad bit shallower here, but still 10 feet of visibility.  The air warmed some and the clouds multiplied, but the day was still wonderful…for September. 

Summer can’t be ending already.

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