Outside Rowe’s Cove and Billy’s Belt – Saturday, August 19th

We traveled north this time.  The best site seemed to be beside Smiling Fish Cove, a.k.a. Rowe’s Cove in Rockport, in about 25 feet.  Bill Low was in first because he wanted to made a 90 minute dive.  Then Larry, Bill and Cathy Myers, and Steve Gates suited up.  Steve brought his video camera and Cathy carried her digital one.  The Captain and Steve worked through some close ups.  The water was 52 degrees at 35 feet, according to Larry, although the visibility was only about 10 feet.  Legal lobsters were absent.   Pat and Pete were crew.

As the breeze freshened, we decided to seek a more sheltered position for the second dive.  I could see across Sandy Bay that the far shore seemed calm.  We aimed for somewhere between Old Garden Beach and Gully Point.  Wouldn’t you know it?  We found that Billy’s Belt was the best place.  It was about 35 feet deep there and the boat didn’t rock very much at all.

Cathy and Bill found a big lobster that was too big.  Note that the gauge is hooked at the end of her carapace, but doesn’t reach her eye socket by quite a bit:

Too Big Lobster Being Gauged by Bill Myers

Photo by Cathy Myers

They also found a sea raven that was willing to be photographed:

Bill Myers and Sea Raven

Bill Myers and Sea Raven 2

Bill Myers and Sea Raven 3

Sea Raven Free at Last Photos by Cathy Myers

She also got a great shot of a skate who thought she couldn’t see him:Skate

The day ended with a leisurely drive back over the top of Cape Ann where we saw a party boat from Hampton, NH, called White Star anchored and day-fishing off Emerson Point.  We all recognized the boat’s name as the same as the company that owned the Titanic.  Not an especially auspicious name for a boat.

Fun was had by all.

2 Responses to “Outside Rowe’s Cove and Billy’s Belt – Saturday, August 19th”

  1. Cathy Myers Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for putting my photo’s on the site. I’m honored! See you again Labor Day weekend.

  2. Capt. Fran Says:

    Dang !!!

    Who is the Old Salt with the Fenzy….?

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