Loblolly Cove and Straitsmouth Island

It was calm.  Going south to go up the back shore and over the top of Cape Ann before the predicted southeast wind picked up was a smart move.  The anchoring looked good to me just at the mouth of Loblolly Cove.  Pete and Jacquie took off quickly to try out her new wetsuit and look for lobsters.  Paul B. and Richard B. were also hunting.  Jim C. and Laurent D. were exploring and hunting, respectively.  Bill L. was planning for an hour’s bottom time with his digital camera. 

The Captain said he could see the length of Easy Diver’s water line on the surface – that’s 30 feet, plus.  On the bottom, Pete said they could see about 16 feet.  The water was 58 degrees.  Several of the divers said they saw the cables that formerly powered the twin lights of Thacher’s Island to the east.  Over the years, when a cable has failed, it’s just been abandoned in place and a new one layed down.  The island is now solar-powered.

As the dive wore on, the wind freshened and waves built as they came around Lands End point.   The sky started to cloud over more thickly.  We were glad to move to more shelter for the second dive.  I picked Straitsmouth Island’s north side.

As we rode through the cut and turned right, I saw only one fisherman near our projected dive site.  The calm water in the lee of the island looked very inviting.  We set anchor to the left of the big rock in the middle of the cove.  Pete said he and Jacquie saw a flounder.  They’ve been missing during the last few dives.  Visibility was about 8 feet.  Laurent said the thermocline at 23 feet was where the visibility got really bad. 

Hunting was good however.  In addition, Pete said there were oversized, egg-bearing females everywhere.  Bill saw a little lobster eating the legs off a sea star.  As the dive progressed, four new fishing boats came up to anchor on either side of us.  I was glad to leave and make the smoothest return home possible down the western shore of Cape Ann to the Annisquam River and home just as the rain started.

A cheeseburger at The Gull made the rain less chilling.

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