Plum Cove was a Prune

Hurricane Ernesto blew hard from the ESE, 15-25 knots overnight.  Our early morning ride around the cape to find the diveable sites was greeted by whitecaps over Popplestone Ledge on Magnolia’s west side.  That meant the wind was strong from the east.  Not good.

We got coffee and started looking for somewhere to take our full boatload of scubas.  They were coming up from Connecticut and Rhode Island to dive and then help us with the Parade of Lights, Gloucester’s annual end-of-the-season bash.  

We saw whitecaps at Back Beach as well as an anchored sailboat that seemed to be dragging towards the beach with the stiff east wind.  I’ll check the Gloucester Times on Tuesday to see if it beached.

We saw waves crashing onto Folly Point, but noted it was relatively calm at Plum Cove.  That’s where we planned to dive.  Kathy Cardinale was crew today and her company’s CEO, Jim Davis, owns the big house on the south edge of Plum Cove.  Maybe we’d anchor at or near it. 

We loaded up six people and their gear and headed north.

The wind had shifted to more northerly by the time we got to Plum.  It now had waves rolling in over the exposed rocks to the north.  Anchoring would only expose us to waves on our boat’s beam.  Not good, pruney conditions.  No one voted to dive when we took a poll on going or staying.  We didn’t even drop anchor, just turned around and surfed back into the river’s mouth.

We helped carry everybody’s gear up the steep ramp.

Gloucester cancelled the Parade of Lights for this year. 

The fireworks display was postponed until Monday night.

Darn hurricane.

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