Lanesville and Fisherman’s Canyon

What a gorgeous day!

The wind was very light from the southwest.  We went north with newbees, Linda and Henry, who wanted to learn how to catch lobsters.  Jim Castelli and Steve Gates also joined us.  Kathy Cardinale and Peter Donahue were crew.

We pulled into the point at Lanesville Shores, near the cemetery, in 25 feet of water.  The water was 63 degrees with visibility of 6-8 feet.  Pete said there were lots of lobsters.  Jim and Pete both remarked that there were lots of cunners too.  Pete noted most of the kelp fronds were broken off and gone, leaving only the stalks of about 1 foot.  He also said that if anyone touched the bottom, it exploded in slit and dust.

Linda and Henry were timid at first as Pete pulled lobsters out of holes and let them walk around.  Nevertheless, they caught three keepers at this site.  Steve got several too.  Kathy got one also.

The second dive was at Fisherman’s Canyon next to Cathedral Rocks in 22 feet of water.  Again the water was 63 degrees, but the visibility in front of the boat was up to 15 feet.  Pete saw lots of urchins, broken kelp stalks, and lobsters here.  Steve caught a few and Linda and Henry were successful too.

The Captain and Jim decided to try to find the mud at 80 feet and took off perpendicular to the anchored boat.  They made it to 53 feet before deciding that the visibility was too poor to continue to look for the deeper bottom.

We motored back to the mouth of the Annisquam in brilliant sun and a light breeze.  A perfect day for diving.

Strawberry shortcake at The Gull sure hit the spot.

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