“At Least It Isn’t Raining”

Veronica said it.  She and Pete were crew today.  It was blowing out of the north so we went south.  There were already two dive boats at Kettle Island, so we opted for Saddle Rock.  I anchored across from the wall at the Coolidge Reservation on Goldsmith Point in Manchester in about 25 feet.  The water was cooler than yesterday at 58 degrees.  The visibility was marginal at about 5-8 feet.

Pete and Jim Castelli both reported seeing lobsters walking around on the sandy bottom.  That’s unusual.  Bill Low, Jacquie Riley, Joe Finkhouse, Joe Barardy and Laurent Dubois were lobstering, sight-seeing, and snorkeling around the most scenic part of the site.  Pete and Jacquie saw a red sea raven and lots of cunner.  The hunters got some lobsters and were happy.

We pulled anchor to find a second site with better conditions.  No such luck.  The choices were worse as we moved closer to the harbor.  The north wind was now combining with waves coming in from the east to make for messy conditions.  Maybe Hurricane Florence’s effects were approaching.

We settled on Old House Cove as the best of the options.  The wind was gusting and the waves from passing boats were hitting us broadside.  That’s when Veronica assessed the situation with the title quote.  She’d made two dives and we were sharing the snacks she’d brought while huddled down behind the wall of the flying bridge in the fleeting sunshine.

The divers found a few lobsters here and visibility that was even worse.  The surge had kicked up the bottom so that it was hard to find the critters.  The water was still about 58 degrees.  We were glad to get back to the dock where the sunshine seemed much warmer out of the wind.  The tide was full, so schlepping up the gangway with all our dripping gear was easy beans.

A hamburger at The Gull helped ease The Captain’s muscles and release the tension of bracing against the waves.

There’s always next weekend.

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