It’s Pink and Mauve and Purple Down There

Today dawned MUCH better than expected. No wind to speak of. The ocean viewed from Magnolia was flattening out from hurricane passage. We decided to go north to be sure of the best possible visibility and conditions.

The river was empty.  No boats were out on our way up to Halibut Point.  We anchored just over the top in Hoop Pole Cove in about 20 feet of water.  It was 60 degrees on top and about 20 feet of visibility in the cove on the bottom.  If you swam down the anchorline towards the mouth of the cove, it was murkier and surgier the deeper you got.  Nevertheless, it was still 60 degrees on the bottom there too.

Bill Low and I both saw a large black sea bass snuggled under a rock.  It was a very tight fit for the fish, so we wondered what else was under there with him.  Some food or maybe a lady friend? 

The rocks are covered with pink coraline algae, purple sea weeds, and mauve growth of some kind.  It looks gorgeous.  I even saw a purple crab that seemed to blend in perfectly.

Larry Finer saw a huge egger near the anchor and she was plainly not worried by his presence.

Cathy Myers made her 100th dive and Bill took her picture.  I hope to be able to post it here later.  Laurent Dubois and Pete were hunting.  Pat was gingerly testing out her healed ear in the same spot where it was injured 8 weeks ago.  It passed!

We decided to go back around Halibut Point for the second dive.  Maybe we’d find calmer water.  We lucked out off the cemetery at Lanesville Shores.  The water was 51 degrees at 60 feet, according to Laurent.  It was 62 degrees on the surface.  I made a second dive to about 25 feet and saw more pink rocks.  There were lots of lobsters and the hunters were happy.

Cathy and Bill Myers were surprised by a four foot long striper.  Cathy said it charged her face several times and circled around them right under the bow of the boat.  She hopes she got some pictures of it, but judging the distance as it was swimming by was going to be iffy.

Two other dive boats were anchored nearby and we all bobbed gently in the non-wind, non-swells, non-current conditions.  It was simply too good to be believed.

Off to Dr. Butterfield’s for a soiree.

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