Thacher Island and Gap Head

The weather held. It was warm and almost windless again.  We got fuel and then rounded the Dog Bar Breakwater to go north.  Thacher Island looked good, so we anchored in the calmest water available which was on its north and west side.  It was about 30 feet deep with visibility of about 10 feet and the water was 63 degrees.

Veronica and Sara Grady saw several sculpins and sea ravens.  Peter and Curt Brown began his scuba lessons.  Laurent went hunting.  Paul and Charlotte were shooting photos.  Jim Castelli was just sight-seeing.  Pat Walsh was also crew today and her ear is working great again.  She’ll only be doing one dive a day on weekends until we leave for Andros in order to be cautious.  I stayed topside to keep an eye on things and help anyone who needed it.  The Captain shot video.

Although the site was fine, the bottom was smoother and less rocky than the north east coast of the Island.  I decided to look for more interestering terrain.

The second dive was in a calm spot just inside Gap Head, over an old site of wreckage.  Its big pipes hold cod and big cunner.  Sara’s ear wouldn’t clear so she went snorkeling among the rocks to look for the 10 Most Wanted non-native species that divers are documenting.

I had anchored the boat in 30 feet of water, but the site had a drop off that let some folks go deeper.  Curt and Pete found a huge lobster that was too big to take.  I videoed dripping patchs of orange sheath tunicates.   The water was 62 degrees and the visibility was about 15 feet.

We decided to go back the smoothest way, not the quickest.  That meant circumnavigating the island.

On the way home around Halibut Point, just off Folly Cove, Laurent spotted the flippy-floppy fin of a mola mola.  Paul, Veronica, and Laurent hopped in with just bathing suits to get a closer look at it and perhaps to take its picture.  Unfortunately, it took off for the depths when it sensed their presence.

We had a day chock-a-block with fun and adventure.

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