Calf Cove and The Restaurant

Well, it certainly WAS warmer than yesterday. Thank goodness it wasn’t wet hardly at all. But it was very breezy. We went north again heeding a forecast of “40 knots from the SW by 11 AM.” It never got that bad. 15-20 from the west, maybe. Not more.

We tried going over the top of Halibut Point, but turned back to Calf Cove inside Folly Cove. I anchored outside it in about 25 feet of water. Kurt Brown and Peter worked on skills. Richard Brandolini went sight-seeing because he’d never been to Folly Cove before. Laurent went hunting.  He’d noticed salps in the marina before we left, but didn’t see any in open water today.

The water was 60 degrees on the surface and we flapped at anchor like a flag in slow motion as the breeze swung us back and forth.   Pat Walsh was crew and her ear worked fine.

Laurent saw a school of striped bass along the wall.  Richard and he both saw a huge lobster, but not many anemones were out.

The second dive was just across the cove in 28 feet beside the restaurant called The Lobster Pool.  This time, I got wet too.

The water was warm enough on the surface, but in the low 50’s at 40 feet.  The thermocline was at about 35 feet.  I saw lots of lobsters walking around on the bottom, not hiding at all.   I swam over to the wall and saw critters going about their Sunday afternoon business.  The tide was high and everyone was snacking on something.

We watched the sky cloud over and clear several times during the day, so the ride back down the river was a relief as the sun stayed out.  It was actually hot.  The weather person on channel 5 said this would be the last hot day of the season.

I hope she’s wrong.

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