Rowe’s Cove and Folly Point

“The visibility would have been great if it weren’t for all that stuff in the water.”  The stuff is salps.  They were thick outside of Rowe’s Cove, a.k.a. Smiling Fish Cove, in Rockport.  The water temperature was 57 at 42 feet, according to Pete and Laurent.  The surge was bringing mats of salps in towards shore, so the visibility up in the warmer shallows was less than 10 feet.  In the deeper water, the visibility was about 20 feet.  Veronica, Pete, and Pat were crew.  Joe Finkhouse, Laurent Dubois, and Jim Castelli were customers.

We made the second dive at the very outside northwestern tip of Folly Point.  It was slack, high, full moon tide.  There was hardly anyone else out.  We’d agreed to go somewhere we rarely go to add variety to our reports on non-native species to Salem Sound Coastwatch.  This site is treacherous during mid-tide because its currents are very strong.  It is also very uncomfortable to anchor here when there are lots of boats passing off shore.  Their wakes rock everyone without a break.  But not today.

The water was murkier than in Rockport but the temperature was still 57 all the way to the bottom.  The site consists of a large pile of boulders poking out from shore that might have once been part of a pier or dock.  They housed many tiny anemones, shoulder to shoulder, on every rocky face.  It’s good to see them here because they’re almost absent from inside Folly Cove.

I saw lots of ghost traps and yards of abandoned rope.  There were pollack and cunner of fair size hiding in the deep crevasses between boulders.

Laurent retrieved a thirty pound weight belt as his catch of the day.

We unloaded gear up a flat ramp and into a hot parking lot.  It was 81 degrees as we called it quits for a great three day weekend. 

There are just three more weekends in our charter season.  Too bad that they probably won’t be like today.

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