Bass Rocks and Salt Island

We had a full boat today and went south.  On the way out of the harbor, we saw the Holland American Line’s Amsterdam at anchor just inside the breakwater.   As I turned the corner to go to Bass Rocks, I noticed it was bumpier than we’d seen it during our drive-around earlier.  Oh well, maybe it’ll flatten out later.

I found a calm anchorage off Bass Rocks in about 25 feet of water.  Paul Young, Charlotte Richardson, Laurent Dubois and Kurt Brown, Bill Myers and his friend Adam were in the water quickly.  They reported visibility was  good at about 20 feet, but the water temp had dropped back to 53 degrees.

Paul found a sculpin and a flounder for Charlotte’s photo opportunities.  Cal found a long string of abandoned pots just off shore.  The wind didn’t lessen, but the water was calm enough for us who stayed dry to be comfortable.  Pat made soup.  Pete was putting Kurt through his final skills review for his basic scuba card from NAUI.  He did fine.

We decided to look for a more protected anchorage for the second dive.  I found a good one on the eastern edge of Salt Island in about 22 feet of water.  The island protected us from the wind and the surge was less there too.  Bill and Adam went exploring up in the lee between the island and shore.  Laurent and Kurt went up wind towards the island and then turned left out to sea. 

They reported the visibility was again 20 feet and the water temp 53.  Adam found a jacket underwater and retrieved it as treasure.  Bill found some lobsters.  Everyone pronounced the site to be a good one and not a place we’d been before.

The ride home was bumpy because we were traveling into the 2-3 foot seas and the wind was up to 15-20 mph.  Whitecaps were the give-away that it was at least 15 mph.  Not many other boats were out.  The tide was low, but coming in and we were able to scoot under the Blynman Bridge without having to ask for a lift.  Somehow that makes returning seem less troublesome because we don’t have to wait.

Just two more charter weekends left in our season.

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