Stone Garage

Saturday was a no go, but Sunday had less wind.  Laurent Dubois was our only customer.  Peter and Pat were crew.  The Captain and I took our video cameras to keep in practice with rock steadiness. 

We decided that Stone Garage, near Bemo Ledge, looked good.  I anchored in 23 feet of water and it was 53 degrees on the surface.  Laurent reported that it was 50 degrees at 35 feet.  There was over 20 feet of visibility.  The air was 45 degrees and the sun was bright.  As long as you were seated on one of the blue boxes that house our batteries, you were out of the wind and warm enough.  The tide was almost high.

I saw limpets that acted like abalones when I tried to pry them off their rocks.  The orange sheath tunicates were in shreds on rocks.  I swam out to the sand and then back towards the boat and shore.  The sun behind my back shone of the white faces of the rocky ledge as I returned.  It was glorious.

Pete had cooked chili on the way out, so I got to hold a hot cup of it.  We decided that one and done was the rule of the day.   The marina had moved us to F Dock to begin dredging on J Dock.  We moved our electrical cord and water hose and sign as though it were the end of the season. 

Next Saturday, we’ll be greeting customers for the last weekend of the season. 

Sad time of year.

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