We’re Done for the Season

It wasn’t actually a hurricane, but it sure sounded like one.  40 MPH ESE winds and lashing sideways rain pummelled Cape Ann on Saturday.  Sunday was just heavy wind from the West.

For the first time in our charter history, we canceled both weekend trips ahead of time.   It was a good move.

Now the boat is winterized and waiting to be pulled out and placed under shrinkwrap for the winter.

We’re going to miss the ease of getting wet from a boat until April.

See you next year.

3 Responses to “We’re Done for the Season”

  1. V Atlantis Says:

    I thought of you guys this weekend. I had to go up to Rye to check on my father (he had surgery). I picked up pizza for him and decided to go the Ocean boulevard route. It was just mid-tide and the weather was wild & wooley. (duh!) Waves were breaking over the wall barriers and on over the street hitting the side of the car. I had seaweed stuck to the side mirror.I could not imagine anyone out in a boat on a day like that.
    Needless to say, I took the main route inland back home instead!
    Another scary moment is that I saw a (electrical) transformer explode. No electricity for hours.Apparently seawater & wind aren’t a transformers friend.
    I’m glad you guys are safe and sound…:-)

  2. Cathy Myers Says:

    Billy and I just want to say thanks again to Captain Calhoun, Chris, Peter, Pat, Kathy & Veronica for another wonderful season of lobstering and diving in Gloucester aboard the Easy Diver. From my first Scuba lesson on the boat to hitting my 100th dive with you in September was just icing on the cake! We’ll be up for the shore dives this winter and look forward to the 2007 season on the boat once more. ….ooo0000 {:-}

    PS. Hope you’re having a ball in Andros – wish were were with you!

  3. Kathy Cardinale Says:

    I was so bummed that I missed the last weekend until I read this report.

    See that…if I’m not diving, nobody’s diving!

    I miss you guys! Come home now mmmm-K?

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