Cool, Gray, Raw White Beach

We had to get wet today. 

Even though it wasn’t really a great day, the act of getting in the ocean is making your own fun.  John and Roz Fiandaca joined Pete, The Captain and me at a local beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  They were scuba sherpas for the three of us and may have the decent photos to share.

The ocean was somewhat murky from a week of rain.  It wasn’t especially bumpy though.  My leaky gloves gave me the impression that the temperature of the water was about 53 or so.  The visibility was 5-15 feet depending on whether you were measuring close to the surgy shoreline or further out into the cove.

Everything worked as expected and Pete towed a new float and flag just in case.

Pat was off helping her dad with his MRIs.  We missed her.

Then it was off to lunch at Halibut Point restaurant in Gloucester.  Salmon slab on a salad and The Dagwood for Pete and John.  Yum!

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