Off and Running

Sunday’s trip (April 29, 2007) was a special one to support a NAUI Instructor Training course we are running for three candidates in Gloucester.  Adam Champion and Mike Lane and the team suited up in the dreary grey of almost raining.  We were joined by Bob and Bethany Brousseau from Rhode Island and Laurent Dubois from Belmont for additional NAUI Instructor eyes and ears.  Paul Saveageau also came along with his video gear.

As I bore across Gloucester Harbor, I could see lots of red and white flashing lights parked at Niles Beach.  Although that had been our original destination, we decided to swing closer to Eastern Point to stay out of the way of whatever was going on.  We later learned that someone  had died while scuba diving off the beach and the commotion was caused by recovering his body.

The candidates did scuba rescue exercises and bailouts in about 15 feet of water off one of the most beautiful mansions overlooking the harbor.  We saw a fluffy collie racing around the property, but no humans appeared.

Everyone got cold and Bob’s & Bethany’s contribution to the food department, calzones and cantalope slices, as well as Pete’s chicken noodle soup felt wonderful going down.  I managed to spill Adam’s soup cup down the port gunnel as I made my way up to drive home.  The waterproof boots I was wearing made a big difference.  It wasn’t cold sea water, but hot soup they saved my tootsies from.

Not a great day, considering the outcome for another diver in the area.

One Response to “Off and Running”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I miss you guys! I miss diving. I miss SOUP!

    Can’t wait to squeeze my winter blubber into a tiny tube of neoprene and freeze my butt off in the icy North Atlantic again, only to be warmed by that famous chicken soup!

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