Sunday was sunny but brisk.  The wind had moved to northeast and stayed 20-25 knots.  It was all hands on deck to launch the trip into the teeth of the breeze.  Laurent and his wife, Cat, joined us.  Pat, Pete and I were crew with The Captain in charge.  The charter was devoted to testing the water skills of a new NAUI instructor crossover candidate, Dick Leverone,  of York, ME.  Dick was a student of Fred’s about 35 years ago at the Wakefield YMCA.  He took the basic scuba course there with a group of Explorer Scouts. 

We were bundled up with foul weather gear, gloves, and hoods lashed down tight against the wind.  Since its direction had shifted to the northeast, we were able to hunker down behind the rocks at the western end of Niles Beach.

The beach was full of students and dive flags.  There were obviously many instructors taking many students in for their open water certification dives.  Since the DUI guys were still dog-daying it at Stage Fort Park, it was probably the only site available to the general diving public today. 

Dick was very comfortable with the water skills and did a bail out as well.   Laurent Dubois helped The Captain in the water as an extra set of hands and eyes for Dick’s bail out and doffs and dons and reported it was 45 degrees in there.   Back to the condo for paperwork and orals.   Here’s his graduation picture:

Richard Leverone and NAUI Staff

Ted Barnes joined us for a final phase of his NAUI Instructor certification course and provided goodies from The Gloucester House for lunch.   

Here’s his graduation picture:

Ted Barnes and NAUI Staff

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