Sunny Saturday

It was a little warmer outside today than it was last weekend.  In between, there were several days in the 80’s inland.  Today is in the high 50’s with a brisk ENE wind at 15-20 knots.  Our customers were Steve Gates and Joe Finkhouse.  Crew was Pete, Pat, and me, with The Captain in charge, as always.  We were also joined by Laurent Dubois. 

The wind dictated our cruising direction – to the south west.  The best spot looked to be behind Graves Island.  We anchored twice, moving once because the wind/tide set us up to take the waves broadside if we were anchored over the wreck site of the USF NH.  Up close to the island, and out of most of the wind, the hazy sun made sitting on the foredeck almost pleasant.  Hot chili helped too.

We made both dives at this site.  Pat, Pete, Laurent, and Steve all found copper.  Pat’s cache was the biggest and the shiniest.   I rowed out to help her haul it back to the boat.  She didn’t really need the assistance, but I felt useful going over to help out.  I also took Steve’s movie camera aboard the inflatable to make his swim to the boat easier.  He didn’t really need the help either, but I needed the practice.

The divers said the visibility was about 10 feet, but the water was very cold.  Pat saw lots of little jellies and Steve saw a very big fluke that he originally took to be a halibut because it was so thick.  It scooted away before he could video it.

Joe was practicing with his new dry suit and adjusting his weight to accommodate it.  The depth of 20 feet was a good place for him to experiment.

Pat and I witnessed a black backed gull harassing a Canada Goose on the island.  The gull hovered over what must have been the goose’s nest and made dive bomber raids to get her to move off it.  She retaliated with her long neck and beak.  Sometimes she flew up to peck the gull and sometimes she didn’t.  We hope the gull got tired and left, but I’m afraid he and his cronies will outlast her.  It felt like we were watching The Nature Channel.

The tide was out, so we were able to coast under the Blynman Bridge on our way back in without them having to lift it for us.  We waved to the Cape Ann Divers’ big boat on their way out for their afternoon charter as we passed them on our way in.

Good fun.

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