Sunnier Sunday and Copper Mania

Although the day was clearer and the sun warmer today, the visibility was still about 15 feet and the water temperature was about 40 degrees.  We headed back to the Wreck of the USF New Hampshire as a rash of spike fever has infected the entire boat. 

We were joined today by Jerry Comeau, Adam Champion and his fiance, Sara, and Mike Lane, as well as Laurent, Pete, Pat, Me and The Captain. 

 As soon as the anchor hits the bottom, divers are flying over the gunnels in search of spikes, pins, nails, and copper sheathing from the wreck.  Today, beginners luck abounded.  Laurent Dubois found his first spike, Mike Lane found a pin with its associated ring, numerous pieces of sheathing and some incredibly smelly piece of rusted steel something-or-other, covered in barnacles and burned wood.  We were able to convince him that this souvenier was best left on the bottom.

Everyone welcomed the hot chili served on the boat between dives.  And most divers did one dive and were done, but those of us infected sucked down a second tank.

It was even better than yesterday, but not as good as it will be later this month.

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