Evidence of the Effort

Here’s what Pat’s stash from Saturday, May 12,  looks like:

Pat Walsh's Copper Collection

Beginner’s luck for Mike Lane:

Mike Lane's Copper Pin and Ring

Laurent Dubois found his first spike and part of an ammunition belt’s buckle:

Laurent Dubois found a spike 

The spike goes nicely with this sheet of the original size of copper sheathing made by the metal-rulling machine in Paul Revere’s foundry in Sharon, Mass.  It was nailed to the bottom of the wreck:

Original sheet of copper from USF New Hampshire

All the above photos are by Pat Walsh.

Maybe our luck is partly due to the early part of the season.   The winter’s storms uncovered items that were buried and no one’s been diving on the wreck yet.

Just us.

One Response to “Evidence of the Effort”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Awww man! You guys are taking all my stuff!

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