Perfect, Just Perfect (except the Visibility)

Oh, what a bee-yoo-tee-full morning!  It was already 80 degrees at 8:15 AM as we drove through town to get The Captain new sunglasses in anticipation of a very sunny day.  

We had Paul Savageau, Patrick Scalli, Joe Finkhouse, and Laurent Dubois today and planned to go back to the USF New Hampshire to look for more treasure.  Pat had to do family stuff and couldn’t be with us, but Kathy Cardinale was crew in her place.  Pete and I rounded out the headcount.

The trip was uneventful through the Blynman Cut and over to Brown’s for fuel.  We saw fish broaching in a school between Brown’s finger docks and the huge commercial dock across the way near the Coast Guard’s cutter. 

Then we powered down the shore southwest to the wreck site.  We anchored just about over the biggest piece of wreckage, avoiding a fisherman who had anchored in our traditional site behind Graves Island.  He left when I hoisted our big dive flag, probably deciding that we would scare the fish.

Everyone hurried to get into the water because the fever to collect copper had infected them.   It was about 50 degrees on the surface and 45-48 on the bottom.  Visibility was only 5 feet, though.  This was a surprise because we’d had almost no wind for two days.

The divers all came back with something from the site.  Laurent found a door latch and several square-headed nails that were shaped in a curlicue to hold the copper sheathing to the wooden hull. 

We made a second dive on the same site to maximize the treasure-taking potential.

It was a quick return to the marina and Pete’s soup helped make our cold hands warm up. 

A fun time was had by all.

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