Sunny Sunday

It wasn’t supposed to be this nice today.

The clouds came and went, leaving only sun.

We went south because the wind was supposed to be from the east at 10-20 knots. The back side (southwest corner) of Kettle Island would be protected in that case.

We anchored at the deep wall edge of the island.  The tide was just past high and the wind was coming over the oceanside of the island, making it a southeast kinda thing.  The anchor slid into 60 feet of water, so we urged everyone to make for the island before descending.  There was no current.

Larry and Al, Jacki and Anna, Laurent, Pete, Pat, The Captain and I were on board.  The lobsterers caught one each.  The videoer (me) caught three different decorator crabs in various garb, on one sunken/abandoned lobster cage, right next to the anchor at about 35 feet.  The visibility was putrid until I hit the sand, then it clearer out to about 15 feet all around.  Others stated the temperature down there was 50 degrees.

We loaded up for the second site and Pete picked Rafe’s Chasm, on the way back into the harbor.  I anchored in about 20 feet of water, but the depth sounder varied as we swung, so I knew it would be very bouldery down there.  It was.  Good lobster habitat, but no legal ones available for our divers today.  Pete said the visibility was much better at this site – 15 feet.

Pete’s chili made the chills go quickly.  Lots of sun again.

Good people – good day.

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