By Popular Demand

Back to the USF New Hampshire.

We only had Laurent Dubois, Paul Savageau, Pat, Pete, Me and The Captain on board today.  The place with the most votes won.  Pete, Pat, and Laurent were hot for more digging at the wreck site.  Paul, The Captain, and I were videoing and didn’t much care where we went as long as we could get some time practicing with our cameras.

The morning started very cloudy and had little spits of rain.  But it was warm, high 70’s I guess.  The tide was also totally in at 10 AM, so the bridge had to be raised for us to go south.  Luckily, the annual Memorial Day parade had already passed over it to the WWII monument for the festivities.  The bridge tender and his helper, Matt, had us motor right down to the bridge and then opened it quickly for us and reshut it right away.   Good guys!

The wind was calm at Graves Island.  Anchoring was a little tricky because we wanted to be right over the main part of the wreckage to minimize any long swim in what we already knew would be very murky, green water.

As we descended, I lost sight of the surface and didn’t see the bottom until I was almost on it.  This in only 25 feet of water.  Plus, it was COLD.  45 degrees on the bottom.  It was about 50 degrees on the surface and there was a thermocline at the interface.

I got some good shots of nudibranchs and The Captain focused on the ship’s ribs.  Paul worked to get some moon snail and drift pin shots.

Laurent got a very nice sized lobster.

Pete got a shell casing with date, caliber, and manufacturer imprints on it.

I wore my Mares “semi-dry” suit because both of my DUI dry suits were out of action.  Therefore I got a chance to make my first bathing suit only swim of the season.  The water was cold enough to take your breath away and leave you with only the urgent need to GET OUT.

We made both dives there and had hot dogs, chips, soda, and brownies to celebrate a wonderful Memorial Day with friends.

One Response to “By Popular Demand”

  1. Veronica Atlantis Says:

    Well, I am reading the reports and as ‘summery” as the weather sounds it looks like I will be trying out the new dry suit this weekend.

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