Misty Moisty

It was supposed to be warm today.  Not true.

It was supposed to be partly sunny today.  Didn’t happen.

Maybe where you live it was like that – but not in Gloucester.  Here it was raw, hazy, misting, and foggy.  Waves of drizzle passed through presaged by gusty winds from the north.  I wore foul weather gear and black, Polartec gloves all day. 

We had Adam Champion with us to complete his last NAUI Instructor requirement – the bailout.  We anchored over a sandy bottom at Graves Island, next to another dive boat named Last Cast from Danvers.  We had Veronica along as crew and to practice with her new DUI dry suit.  Laurent Dubois also was there as was Paul Savageau practicing with his video camera.  Pete, Pat, The Captain, and I were the rest of the crew.

After Adam finished, I rowed over to the island with Laurent and Pete swimming to their most recent, and very heavy, find.  They had brought a lift bag and proceeded to extricate a 37 pound bar of copper from the wreck site.  Pete also brought up a big piece of drift pin.  Photos will follow, courtesy of Pat Walsh.

Chili helped my cold fingers thaw.  Pete said the water was 46 again.  He saw lots of little lobsters and flounder. 

Driving back into the harbor, we saw a fog bank had developed 1/4 mile from the Blynman Bridge cut.  Pete called to them to inquire whether they were open or shut because we couldn’t tell.  They were very accommodating and raised the bridge for us as we got very close.

Strange conditions and a far cry from yesterday’s heat.

One Response to “Misty Moisty”

  1. Mike Lane Says:

    Hi Chris…pictures of Pete’s find please!!! See you soon.

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