Glorious Day, Dismal Water

It couldn’t have been “beautifuller” – above water.

We powered north and found a good anchorage at The Restaurant at Folly Cove.   I put the anchor in 35 feet, but the boat swung as a sea breeze started from the south west.  We were soon hovering over 50 feet, according to the depth sounder. 

Veronica and Jacki K. fought the incoming tidal current to get up to the anchorline for their descent in order to stay shallow.  Bernie, Jerry and Juli were up from Connecticut and sight-seeing.  Al and Larry were hunting for dinner.  Kathy C. was crew along with The Captain and me.

Jacki said the water was 50 degrees at 45 feet.  But, also reported that visibility was only 5 feet underwater.

We tried going around Halibut Point for better visibility, but large rollers were pounding that side of the cape.  We turned around and motored for Calf Cove.

I anchored under the gazebo on shore and everyone went in close to the wall.  The conditions were great up top.  Not so good down there.

But we had fun.

And nobody died.


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